-UN Reports

●Recommendations from UN International Human Rights Bodies with relate to Korean schools



●Report submitted to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) by the Human Rights Association for Korean Residents in Japan (HURAK), “Discrimination against minority children in Japan in the provision of educational opportunities ――focusing on children attending Korean schools in Japan” (Mar 30, 2017)


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-Zainichi Film Directory

1.  Homegrown Outcasts: North Koreans in Japan


2.  The Sky Blue Symphony: The Story of the Korean Schools in Japan  (2016, Park Yeong‐i)


3.  One for All, All for One (2014, Donsa Park, Sayu Park)


4.  As One  (2012, Hyeon-Seong Moon)


5.  TESE  (2011, Sung-myung Kang)


6.  Our School  (2006, Myeong-joon Kim)


7.  Curtain Call  (2006, Kiyoshi Sasabe)


8.  Break Through! (2005, Kazuyuki Izutsu)


9.  Blood and Bones  (2004, Yoichi Sai)


10.  Chicken is Barefoot  (2004, Azuma Morisaki)


11.  Guuzen nimo saiaku na shounen  (2003, Soo-yeon Goo)


12.  GO  (2001, Isao Yukisada)



13.  All Under the Moon  (1993, Yoichi Sai)


14.  Ihojin no Kawa  (1975, Hagin Yi)


15.  Foundry Town  (1962, Kirio Urayama)