“16 Things We Need to Know about Korean Schools and Students in Japan”


Q1. How were the Korean schools excluded from the “Tuition Waiver Program”?


Q2. How did the local governments suspend subsidies to the Korean schools?


Q3. In what ways are Korean schools affected by hate speech/hate crimes in recent years?


Q4. When and how were the Korean schools founded?


Q5. How does Japanese society treat Korean schools?


Q6. How many students are there in Korean school system? What nationality do students have? What kind of identity do they develop?


Q7. What is the education in Korean Schools like?


Q8. How do graduates from Korean schools build their careers?


Q9. How does the international community view discrimination against Korean schools?


Q10. How does Japanese justice system treat discrimination against Korean schools?


Q11. Is discrimination against Korean schools by the Japanese government and racist groups a recent phenomenon?


Q12. What is the status of the Korean schools’ relationship with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea?


Q13. Why do parents choose to send their children to Korean Schools instead of Japanese ones? What are their thoughts?


Q14. Do Japanese schools provide ethnic education to minority students?


Q15. Are there non-Japanese schools besides Korean schools?


Q16. Many believe that the education in Korean schools is “anti-Japanese”, what are your feelings?